Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bring. The. Noise.

Virtually every track contains repeated shrill noises that are both irritating and riveting; its agit-rap sound communicates as much rebellion as the lyrics.

"Most people were saying that rap music was noise," says producer Hank Shocklee, "and we decided, 'If they think it's noise, then let's show them noise! But we're also gonna give them something to think about.'"

Friday, February 03, 2012

Alan Moore Is Right And Everyone Else Is Wrong

(Who did this poster?
I would gladly credit & linkback.
Located it here at Achtung Baby!)

I honestly got obsessed with the whole Watchmen thing yesterday. Couldn't help it, had deadlines (which I still have, since I spent hours becoming a Watchmen Prequel Scholar by default).

The Daryl Cooke ones look like they will be good, kind of by accident, almost like just casting a perfect actor for a role instead of teaching someone what the role is about.

The others will likely just embody all the stupid xeroxing of "grim comics" that we have seen for the last zillion years. Grim, gritty Archie & Veronica etc etc.

Moore might be a curmudgeon, but he & Gibbons created something special and for that, I don't care what DC or anyone's legal rights are, they should just make some new comics and leave Watchmen alone as Something Good. (tm).

I kind of love Moore's Swamp Thing & Superman more. Swampy in particular had more of a freewheeling character to it. The ones where he's exiled into space and meets Adam Strange and has his own plant life Green Lantern adventure are just perfect.

God, he pretty much issued the perfect critique to the 80's Byrne Superman IN ADVANCE by doing those last 2 Silver Age Supermans. For that alone, DC & all of Warner "Communications" should do whatever he wants forever.

Fuck it all, the history of comics is the history of people getting to do weird stuff when no one's looking.

The Hernanadez Bros were right to get indie & stay indie.

That is all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nolo Contendere

Thank you Comrade Nixon for Our Glorious Childhood.

Walking on the beach. In a suit.

What style.

Lead Lined Box


"Poor Dishwashing Has Always Been My Achilles Heel"

Oh, Splendor, Harvey.

Your shirt, your record collection. The basement. Your refusal to be a substitute teachers me.

If we remember who are are when we forget who we are if we remember that way by tearing out magazine photos of our heroes and pushpinning them until the walls of our Zeno cave are just PLASTERED and all we do is remember who we are, over and over and over until we forget again...

Still the salami minded vegetarian Heart Of Harvey.