Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tom Spurgeon on Kirby: Grrrreat!

This sentence (on The Demon Omnibus Collection) makes me happy:

"I'm not sure that $50 judiciously spent wouldn't get you the whole series in comic book form, but I enjoy those comics very much so I'm not going to quibble. It's sort of like The Demon doesn't have any of the quantifiable things that other series of that period offer -- it's not thematically ambitious, it's not the best written, it's not the most visually splendid -- but it's Kirby at that point in his career where if he stood up too quickly a planet fell out of his pocket, and that's more than enough."

Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter

Comics, Not "Graphic Novels", Pud

Courtney Crumrin creator Ted Naifeh talks to Comic Book Resources about moving away from pamphlet comics toward longer, more durable publications.

via Heidi McDonald
This is based on a lame aesthetic. Show me one flabby "graphic novel" with the raw power of Zap #0. It's the same mindset that values concept albums over amazing singles, thinking that the longer form is "deeper".

Work in comics form which needs to be longer is another matter. I think that the challenge is to keep the energy extended over a longer work. Seth, Bros Hernandez, Satrapi all do this with great brio.

Measuring comics by the standards of other media is usually based on some fundamental fallacy. (Watchmen movie, I am looking at you!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prince Lets Us Down

So, Prince spouts Jehovah's Witless homophobic claptrap. Or he claims to have been misquoted. Whatever.

Trust the art, not the artist.

Prince's music is not homophobic or reactionary even though he might be as a person.

It is (at its best) polymorphously perverse. He is, alas, a fallible human who is not as good as his best work. But the work still speaks of liberation on so many levels. (Just the guitars,not even including the lyrics...)

I can listen to Public Enemy.
I can read Roald Dahl and Philip Larkin.

(among others)

This is not as bad as Cat Stevens...

Yes, still a bummer.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Documentary Footage of Union Square Obama Victory

I am sure I am not the only one posting this documentary video of the celebrations in NYC following Obama's decisive victory, but it's worth looking at in the calm of Sunday morning.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Just joking around about choosing a family dog, here is the next President of The United States.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President Obama. Please.

Text by Paul Grieco, collage by me. Bobby Orr playing card mod.
I can't find the punk era song "Bobby Orr" but I always hear that name with a great wicked pissah accent.