Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nolo Contendere

Thank you Comrade Nixon for Our Glorious Childhood.

Walking on the beach. In a suit.

What style.

Lead Lined Box


"Poor Dishwashing Has Always Been My Achilles Heel"

Oh, Splendor, Harvey.

Your shirt, your record collection. The basement. Your refusal to be a substitute teachers me.

If we remember who are are when we forget who we are if we remember that way by tearing out magazine photos of our heroes and pushpinning them until the walls of our Zeno cave are just PLASTERED and all we do is remember who we are, over and over and over until we forget again...

Still the salami minded vegetarian Heart Of Harvey.


Oh fuck it, now it's either bloom late or not at all.

Dead Animals

Really, Issac Bashevis Singer is right and everyone else is wrong.

They Think They Paid For It And Can Do Whatever They Want With It Now But They Forgot To Have You Sign A Piece of Paper

Really, I think we need to follow Lester Bangs' edict like it's our Morning Prayers

Like the Original Surfer who dons tefillin & then just starts talking about The Divine before he gets on his exercise bike.

What part of BLOW IT UP AND START OVER AGAIN don't you understand?

I tell you, if you hired me to do a job, even if you tired of me doing that very same job, I won't stop until I do at least half of it.

Walk Softly And Carry A Giant Backpack Filled With Bullshit

"Doesn't that mean you have to carry a lot of GEAR?!" she asked.

I know.

"I think you might be allergic to coffee."


"You say I'm crazy but you live every day like it's a heart attack!"

just. watch. me.

Drink This

Oh to be a mad scientist in an abandoned Con Ed building.

Broken Windows Theory

No to giving in, no to the easy way, no to the exquisitely gently worn coat of all of these shitty habits murdering time, life and Lakein HIMSELF. No to the radiator.

No to the zillion little deaths of clicking open and novacaining out. No, no, no.

No to keeping up.

No to delivering on time. (Ah, finally a promise I can keep, Marvelite. Face Front.)

No to perfection.

Open that fucking window, willya?

Death to reference material.

Goodbye research.

We don't need no stinking upgrades.


"Young I drank beer & vomited green bile
Older drank wine vomited blood red
Now I vomit air"

Maturity Allen Ginsberg