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Slow. And. Low.

In lieu of cards and letters and wishes...

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Her aesthetic might not be yours, but damn, this is a great Small Cool Home.

This woman has a combo bookshelf/murphy bed. Best comments:

"ok this may be a dumb question, but how do the books not fall out when you
pull down the bed?"

"looks like the book shelves in front of the bed slide to each side before
you pull the bed down... very cool design"

Apartment Therapy

"This Is A Pretty Good Death Trap"

Right up there with "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb". Again & again the creators of this cartoon Do The Right Thing.

Bonus: When Batman asked Mr. Miracle how Big Barda is doing, I half expected him to make a wisecrack at Jim Starlin's expense.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

William Knaus on Ellis:

Albert Ellis (September 27, 1913 – July 24, 2007)
"Albert Ellis lives according to what I now see as a core value, or guiding principle: Freedom and liberty. He dedicated his life to help people free themselves from their inner tyrannies and unhealthy restrictions. On the path of freedom, Albert Ellis' footsteps can be found."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vic Chestnutt's Minimalist Bio, Jonathan Q&A

Vic Chestnutt's minimalist bio is cool. He opened for Jonathan Richman last night at Bowery Ballroom. His crooning & acoustic guitar rock harder than most bands. Tommy Larkins (AKA Tah-mee LAH-kins) backed him on a few songs, adding quite a bit in a pretty minimalist way himself.

JR gets better & better. Though I want to see him do an electric show again sometime (he went though a fuzz-box period in the mid-90's that was never captured properly on any recording) he played a hot non air-conditioned (at his request--"You can blame ME") he did a killer version of Modern World with updated lyrics to open and a perfect version of Springtime in NY as a last encore.

Jonathan still embodies Precise Modern Lovers Order.

Skip the intros on this video, at about 2:42 it turns into an amusing interview with Richman & Larkins

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's Going On INSIDE MY HEAD?

The KKK Took My Baby Away

Pleasant Dreams is one way underrated desert island album.

Many Ramones fans claim that the song was penned by Joey after Ramones' guitarist Johnny Ramone "stole" Joey's ex-girlfriend Linda from him, although he claims that he wrote the song years before the incident. The KKK supposedly refers, in an extremely exaggerated fashion, to Johnny Ramone's politically conservative views.


What's awesome of course, is that even though they never spoke to one another again, Johnny Ramone PLAYED on this song and not only on the album, but probably more times than some bands have ever played in their lifetimes given the insane amount of touring the band had to do to survive. The idea of The Ramones was stronger than the individual Ramones.

In some way it's utterly numbing to imagine oneself in that kind of straightjacket. Tommy had an excellent idea, they all gave it life and if they had broken up after Rocket To Russia they would still have been influential as hell. Another perspective is that it was the endless grind and reiteration of the basic theme with hardly any variation that makes The Ramones truly great.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Josh Kornbluth Video

The creator of Haiku Tunnel & Red Diaper Baby gets a Flip HD & fulfills the promise of low tech video. We Don't Need No Steeking Production Values! This is as good as it gets.

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He Would Ride Down Your Street In His El Dorado

#Picassso show: "Ditko was a killer cartoonist. Period." Beto. Wd say the same for the Basil Wolverton of Spanish painting.

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Buzz Buzz

1 more interview: Grant Morrison explains the hive-mind here

One bee is not particularly smart but group a number of bees together and at a critical threshold something interesting happens - a 'hive' emerges. That is to say, from the aggregation of a number of not very intelligent units, a mass intelligence emerges. The same thing happens everywhere in nature; a single sponge cell is a fairly aimless, hopeless animal but gather enough of them together and a colony intelligence is seen to develop which drives each individual along as part of a group endeavor.

So, now that we have the idea in our heads that 'intelligence' appears when systems become increasingly complex, we can approach my notion of 'living comics.'

"Would anybody like a sourball?"

Great Stan Lee interview from the 60's Via the mighty Tom Spurgeon

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This Year's Model

Summer of Riesling 09 will be meaty, beaty, big & bouncy.

SoloPhotostream: Accidents Will Happen

Google creates photo albums by default as a byproduct of posting to Blogger. I stumbled on this by chance. It forms a curious mindmap of postings: