Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone Gadget Lust Letter

Here is a comment I submitted to Scoble that is pretty much a love letter to Apple and its cool new phone design.

(Btw check out Fake Steve Jobs' site -- 1/17/07 Edit: also, check out Tog's article)

Some notes on my own enthusiasm for the iPhone:

If I don't wind up buying an Apple product, I surely will be buying something that the iPhone makes possible because of its critical redesign of the whole smartphone/pda concept.

The iPhone is going to make voicemail usable. Indexed vm is a great idea.

It will be the successor to ALP/Palm as those guys insist on committing a long, public suicide. Palm OS 4 is as black-belt a productivity/communications tool on a small phone as I could currently wish for.

I want Notes, Contacts, Calendar, To Dos and email in my pocket. I want them to sync reliably with my Mac. Am using a great flip phone, Samsung i500, that had no successor in this country. (Mexico and China got the i550).

The iPhone means that by the time I am ready to change phones I will have a well designed tool. Yes, I am looking for a more "Nano" solution than a bulky brick. No Treo in my jeans pocket, maaan! But probably no iPhone v.1 either.