Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kultur Vulture Beat

Just got a copy of My Life In The Bush of Ghosts. 1981, wow. Sounds like Remain in Light's weird (better dressed) older brother. There is a deleted cut called "Qu'ran" I can't find. A small part of my brain cells are exclusively dedicated to looking for missing tracks like that. Hey, These guys are good.

Check out Morrison & Quitely's All Star Superman? The latest has a reworking of Bizarro that's pretty good. Of course, Alan Moore did it 20 years ago..."Hello, Superman, Hello.." Still, in a world without Curt Swan, we do the best we can.

Taschen has a thick, lavishly illustrated (architecture porn?) book called "Architecture Now! 4". One T. Han Tilluca calls it "A 'K-Tel' collection of the top 40".

Speaking of porn, here is a deconstruction of food porn & restaurant reviews which rocks (via, I think, BoingBoing, but worth posting anyhow).

And, wait, "Make The Logo Bigger" (via Jay O'Connell) A song, great comments from graphic designers.

Finally, a documentary about Helvetica. "Visually, the film delivers what it promises: Lots of Helvetica. In all forms."