Saturday, May 26, 2007

Banzai Institute?

Digressions on names and work...

Although the Albert Ellis Institute is currently hijacked by a bunch of jerks, I always loved when Albert would refer to his institute. If I had one, what would I call it? What should I call it? The repeated references to the Banzai Institute in all the support materials for Buckaroo Banzai reminded me of this. Steven Solomon Inc. or something is OK, but...

I am currently doing some text stuff, maybe feeling freed by the Bruce Nauman retrospective I saw in Berkeley this year, and also the wonderful
Miranda July (who I was just lucky enough to see do a reading/performance
at the NYPL last night).

Steven Solo or stevensolo is just a moniker of convenience, since I wanted a ".com" and is a "17 Year Old Professional Pianist
Jazzing Up Chicago's Music Scene".

Hey, he is a neat doppelganger and I have been following his career (sort of) since I realized he had snagged the domain.

Linking this blog to has had a chilling effect since
the persona connected to the comics-influenced painting has stagnated so
@#$% much.

I will be setting up some satellite identities this next 6 months, maybe
taking a cue from Hokusai. It is time for multiple secret identities,
movement in general. Art making as communication, directness, shedding the
skin, accepting The Me Of Now (Thanks Oblique Strategies).