Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank you D.J.s for your support!

I have been getting feedback from folks who visited the Square Foot show which just closed this weekend and it is good. Thanks!

My favorite was from an opera singing friend "I think I'm starting to get your work. (I don't know how that sounds, but I meant it in a positive way) I find a lot of humor in it - particularly the juxtaposition of drawing and text."

That says it all.

There is a learning curve to both making and viewing art--not the usual one, of "how do I draw this" but also understanding "can you hear me out there?!".

I think that both my sister Amy's painting (pics to come) and mine currently has a layer effect of text/marks working against a field of some kind. In her case, for this show, they were luminous abstractions with witty, idiosyncratic marks suggesting time being marked off or looped around somehow beneath the surface. In my case, it was cartoon over text over flat color. Do you "read" the drawing, the text or both as a dissonant rhythym?

As far as people asking me about specific meanings of the text in the new pieces, my new policy (as of today) is to ask THEM what THEY think first.