Saturday, February 02, 2008

Here Comes The Clutter

I still like Yahoo, and if I had a spare 40 zillion or whatever, maybe I would help them out of this mess. If I were Jerry Yang I would have some kind of poison pill to prevent Microsoft from Hotmailing my simple, usable interface. (Note that the wiki says "see also Pyrrhic victory".)

Here is what I think they should do when Ballmer comes knocking (more ideas here).
For me, it is not about business, it is about a company coming by and ruining some tools that I use everyday. When Hotmail was purchased by Microsoft, it turned almost unusable with crap plastered all over a once simple UI.

And, yeah, I have a Gmail account, but their way of doing things isn't always right. (Try sending yourself a script and having Google decide it might be a virus--hey, I sent the damn thing to ME).

As long as the 6B pencil and blank index cards are still available, I will survive...