Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Goodbye Jim Mooney

Mark Evanier & Comics Journal have details, but Jim Mooney died this past week. It may be facile to note that this comes so close to Steve Gerber's death, and heaven knows I don't believe in an afterlife, but it is kind of nice to imagine that there are more issues of Man-Thing and that final issue of Omega The Unknown in heaven. And maybe a Supergirl story or two.

I met Gerber back in 1976 and I remember talking with him about how Mooney's art was perfect for the subversive Omega b/c it was so redolent of those innocent 1960's DC's. Nevermind some nice looking, slightly well-fed Peter Parkers. Yes, I am talking to you, James Michael Starling.

Thinking about those comics it is hard to believe in a way that the images beamed into my cerebral cortex were created by human beings. Man, Mooney drew alot of that stuff!

Rest in Really Well Drawn Peace(where you ink your own pencils), With No Short Cuts or Swipes, Jim Mooney.