Friday, March 06, 2009

Let's Get That Lousy Adaptation Taste Out Of Our Mouths Part 2

The Brave and The Bold gets better and better. Artisanal granita for sophisticated fanboy palates whose tastebuds have been sullied by pathetic "graphic novel" adaptations.

I would have done an embedded video, but the geniuses at Cartoon Network layered so much extra cheese and pepperoni into their embed code the link is preferable.

As Der Spieg said, "if graphic is respectable and novel is respectable, what could be more respectable than GRAPHIC NOVEL?" Bring on the comics. Please.

BTW, Jackie Earle Haley, I respect the shit out of you, it's not your fault. As the interviews with you suggested, you really got Rorschach in all of his Ditko-ey glory. Alas. Hrrm.