Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Rosé is a...

Leo Barrera is to Rosé as Paul Grieco is to ------------------ (for 15 points)

I unabashedly love rosé, following in the path blazed by Leo Barrera and others. Friend and co-Terroirist, David Flaherty, at Grapes and Grains has provocatively posted on the current numbnuts EU debate. Here's my comment, which has grown into a posting somehow as well:

Some thoughts. I generally get out my bullshit detector when I hear a supposed opposition of values, usually suspecting a dialectic in the making or outright irrelevant hairsplitting.

The problem is larger than winemaking, it's that traditional culture has some great, time tested truths that must be respected. But at the same time, if not kept fresh by irreverent experimentalists all culture will stagnate and die.

I don't think that codifying winemaking and categorizing creative activity means shit. Vino da Tavola or IGT? The name of the producer is what counts.

The relevant Star Trek clip is this one from The Omega Glory:

James Hillman wrote about the connection between the radical (who looks to the root, literally) and the traditionalist somewhere. My version of what we are doing at the wine bar is breathing life into moribund forms but always returning to the root in terms of content.

Thackrey is not in opposition to typicity and sense of place, he delivers a critique of unthinking jargon/marketing lingo.

Anyway, that's my take right now.

PS: As always, the EU is wasting time codifying Rosé when they could be feeding people, man!