Monday, November 27, 2006

Friend's take on this experimental blog

"What's interesting is seeing all the interests in one place."

The benefit of posting semi-publically may be simply to "tell the joke one time each day, rather than repeating it all day." Or it may reveal something about seemingly disparate activities and interests.Link

Part of the value seems to be in being relatively shameless in posting.(See Albert Ellis' "Shame attacking exercises") I have opinions about iPod vs. Zune, for example, that seem as important as clipping my toenails yet I obsessively read all the news about this idiocy so it might be a "style search" ala Barbara Scher, where she advises people to inspect their own rooms as if they were looking at a stranger's house for clues.

One presents oneself as a seamless, unified human being, but in front of oneself the beehive aspect is most apparent. Who the fuck am I? Why not lay out these entrails in order to at least reflect...