Friday, November 24, 2006

My XXXXV Birthday

Subject: Re: Happy Birthday!

Dear (Old Friend Who Remembered My G-ddamn bday),

THANKS for remembering. It was off to another funeral today, I shit you not. The father of my cousin who died 2 mo. ago. He was dying for years, but his daughter going in a year from cancer did it for him.

I was in Boston, planning on chilling out for my bday/Thanksgiving & instead rushed back to NYC with my brother to represent our side of the family. Well, he took me out for lunch and we bonded abit over the madness.

This uncle bought me Charlton comics when I was growing up, the B-line of comics. His slightly off gifts remain very endearing to me (even as a kid I somehow got it that getting this detail wrong was getting it right).