Saturday, December 09, 2006

Big Sissy of GTD/REBT

Commment on this thread at 43 Folders:

The wise side of old cultures and religions grasped this fundamental weakness clearly. It is a modern conceit that we can get completely "squeaky clean". Even the GTD "pron" is a symptom of the power of our lesser selves. How seductive the search for the "Perfect Apostrophe" really is I know quite well.

I am reminded of Robin Williams' great turn as the giant headed Man on The Moon who disdained his headless body which was running amok on the Moon's surface. Alas!

But I iron-butt back on the bench, Nixon-like in my determination to make sense of it all with label maker and index cards in hand! We are Sisyphii of GTD! (I combine mine with REBT for REBTGTDlicious self-help.)