Monday, March 19, 2007

Question I wished I had asked Frank Stella

Saw Mr. Stella at the 92nd st Y this past week. He was sharp as always.
Lots of notes & thoughts...

"What about David Carson, Mr. Stella?"

I wonder if the best use of abstract, non landscape space is in fact the
work of the Raygun/Beach Culture designer. By using typography and
photography he gets past many of the complacent tricks of boring painters.

The space Carson creates is non illusionistic.

My prejudice is Picasso over Malevich and late Stella over early Stella.

The battle of Serra's torqued ellipse (Apollonian) and Stella's jam
sessions (Dionysiac) is a dance of T Rexes that is inspirational to me in
a kind of Marvel vs. DC way.