Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We Are All Sources Now

I haven't really understood why Dave Winer got so pissed off at "mainstream media", even as I sometimes bought his criticisms of individual instances of stupidity. But his post clarifying bloggers as primary source (at least in some instances), rather than consumers of news is good.

An interview with Jay Rosen is here.

The thread connecting Do It Yourself ethics/aesthetics to all of this interests me.

Dave, your argument is starting to gel. You have made any number of criticisms of old media in the past, but this is a critical one.

I look at the loop as a fluid one (even if the existing hierarchies don't appear to represent it that way). Source->Newspaper->Blog and then (maybe)->Newspaper is what that existing map looks like. But now it's Source->Blog->Newspaper->Source->Blog. The reality may be more spaghetti than this neat little line. Call it a Spaghetti of News instead of a River!

This dynamic is more fluid when the source is part of the story, as it is with tech issues(for example), than a report on a single incident. Then the feedback whine commences! If Jobs had a real blog instead of a manifesto on DRM * and he responded to the "Comments" on his DRM screed -- the "Comments" being the newspapers, record company whores, bloggers, then you would have a juicy example of this feedback in action.

Not everyone will have or wants a blog, but anyone CAN. This is town meeting democracy + D.I.Y. writ large. Hmmm... "We are all Sources now."

*(not that I didn't agree with his manifesto, not that I don't like the form, b/c manifesti are cool--and not that I don't love FSJ...)