Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Richard Serra interview on Leonard Lopate

I am going to see the Richard Serra retrospective at MOMA in the next week (like everyone else). I got to at least hear him at his book signing at the Strand last week and he was great. The primacy of work, the respect for the work and studio process of others, even when he was not sympathetic with their artistic orientation, the lack of horseshit... all came through even in a crowd so dense that I never actually got to see the man.

It was great to see a book launch at The Strand rather than Barnes and Noble. Also: thanks to friend Suzanne who relayed the info about the appearance from S.F.

Plans to edit & post my notes are taking a backseat to my own work (what's the point of getting inspired if you use the energy up in rabbit-trail detours?--Actually, I am unfortunately a lab rat in that experiment often enough.). Here is a pretty good Leonard Lopate interview with Serra to check out.