Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Tofu" text reader

This is neat, I haven't decided whether I will use it regularly. It is helpful for long articles online as well--you can save them as text, strip out line breaks (I use TextWrangler) and then drag and drop into Tofu and you have a much more readable text.

"Reading: Theres an awful lot of literature worth reading available for free on the web. Very recently I found a program called Tofu; all it does is takes selected text (or html) and puts it into justified columns of adjustable width. The upside of this is that theres no vertical scrolling, and its actually much easier to read long pieces of text. Its infectious; Im starting to wish that every piece of text that I have to read on my computer be formatted into a justified column. The program is a little touchy when it comes to preferences, but its a great tool."