Saturday, July 28, 2007

Terence Conran on Pencils

"Does the future look grim for the 6B pencil?"

"6B is a little on the soft side--I'm more of a 2B man myself.

"...I think it's now recognized that technology is no substitute for the quickness and efficiency with which the brain and hand can connect and demonstrate creative ideas via pencil and paper. The problem with technology is ... that it can become so addictive that it absorbs time and energy and crushes creativity. People become techno junkies rather than creative whizz kids. Rather than let technology gain the upper hand, designers need to allow more poetry and 2B pencils into their work.

"Thank God for the 2B pencil and the A4 layout pad."

from Q&A: A Sort of Autobiography by Terence Conran p.165