Sunday, September 30, 2007

Neat Stuff

Merlin Mann and Omnifocus at Tekserve.

Visions of Albert Ellis after the orgy of video and Rational Emotive Songs at his memorial. Still thinking about the man and his work. How to Be Rationally Stubborn, Emotionally Undisturbable, Behaviorally Happy, Unconditionally Accepting, Shamelessly Unfrustrated, and Unmiserably Reasonable While Keeping People from Pushing Your Buttons. Here.

Darjeeling Limited
--worth the wait, and great. Maybe Anderson's Down By Law. Anyway the 2 films would make a great fantasy double feature.

Kohei Yoshiyuki
This show is hilarious and disturbing--Infrared flash photos of voyeurs, turning the viewer into one too. Til Oct 20, hurry.

NY Book Fair:
Retard Riot-great comics influenced stickers, buttons, images, ideas. Link to great buttons this mf made.

Sto's upcoming show (Oct 12-Nov 11) at Cinders, The Cinders table
Batforum available here at Sara Ranchouse --a comics parody of artforum, I will post a scan/review soon
Slavs and Tartars-interesting posters and ideas: "What's the Plan, Uzbekistan?/I'm your man, Azerbaijan!"