Saturday, October 06, 2007

Harriet The Spy or The Phantom Notebook

SO, I lost a Moleskin like the one pictured above. It had about 3 weeks worth of notes, journal entries, doodles, random contacts. Most info was mentioned at least in passing on this blog, all contacts (that I can think of) were contacted.

Notetaking as a tool is valuable. But I am finding that I am able to reconstruct most of what was important to jot down. The act of writing imprints the event to some extent. Also, I am using the Moleskin Shuffle, with 64 pages each, that is not like having to reconstruct a 200 page journal, is it?

Still, I fucked up. Where is the damn thing anyway? Is someone reading it somewhere in this city, cracking up? Or I did write something as inflammatory as "What kind of person doesn't like tomato sandwiches?" that will lead to my downfall??? Is there some vital information that the Russians weren't supposed to get?

The Phantom Notebook is having an interesting half-life as a lesson in impermanence and memory. Making me retrace the events and thoughts in a way that is different from the way they show up on this blog.

Still, if anyone finds this damn thing, would you email me already? Cash reward, no questions asked.