Sunday, October 21, 2007

Steve Jobs Style cf to Young Stalin?

"Much to Lenin’s surprise, Stalin submitted a brilliant position paper on party policy toward nationalities within the Russian empire. The killer really was an intellectual, and certainly no bureaucrat. Mr. Montefiore notes, shrewdly, that 'everything with Stalin was political, but he worked in an eccentric, structureless, unbureaucratic, almost bohemian style that would not have succeeded in any other government, then or now.' " Yeah, maybe not gov't style, but what about the modern corporation?

The Dictator as a Young Poet-Thug (NYT Book Review)

Actually WWII was largely fought by leaders who had weird personal habits: watercolorists, nightowls, salami-eating pseudo vegetarians--so I am not sure about this claim. But I did think of The Steve running circles around his non-New Balance wearing competitors when I read the lines above.

Based on the photo of glamourous young Stalin with his New Romantics hairdo, the moral bankrupcy inherent in Sexy Che Guevara icon -tshirts looks less like an aberration and more like the norm.

I can definitely see this portrait of Stalin making it as a t-shirt among the Young and Useless.

Fucking primates are retarded.

While I am on this tangent, I highly recommend Spain's comix bio of Stalin featured in Arcade #4 about a zillion years ago. I can't find a direct link, but go hit the comics bins, this one is worth it.