Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jobs on Paul Rand

Man, Fake Steve Jobs has nailed the wacked out quality of Spaceman Jobs (our hero), as seen in this half assed yet brilliant interview about designer Paul Rand. I can just hear RSJ saying "Sorry, the drugs wore off, Oops. Sorry. ...Will run out and refresh supplies and be back badder than ever. Peace."

Still a great take on a genius curmudgeon by another genius curmudgeon.

Check this great Rand essay to see how correct Jobs is about Rand. The whole fucking site is filled with razor sharp stuff by Rand. By the way, his birth name was the far juicier (or Jewcy-er) Peretz Rosenbaum. I totally prefer Peretz Rosenbaum, don't you?
(via Daring Fireball)