Friday, March 14, 2008

WTF is wrong with this picture?

What The Fuck is this? A purple san-serif "5" on the 5 dollar bill? Who said that aesthetics precede ethics? Well, they do a complicated fandango anyhow. This is a visual argument that we are utterly lost as a culture.

How ugly and shitty can they make things that look just fine the way they are? Do the shit designers and the retards that commissioned this abortion think this money will be harder to counterfeit? 10th graders with photoshop are trembling before our mighty lack of taste. The mighty North Koreans, apparently the masters of modern counterfeiting, will vomit when they see the utter shite they are now expected to copy.

The euro replaced the cool money of europe (give me a Delacroix and some full frontal nudity, America!), so what, we have to beat the euros at making our money look like shit?

Delacroix and Lincoln, men of that caliber would never approve of such ugliness.
Link to wiki on the ugly fin here.