Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Political life is retarded.

The most idealistic candidate will fly back to watch me, personally, get unjustly executed if it would win him/her a polling point. But still, my default position has been to pray for a total Clinton Restoration. Not Hillary, no, Classic Clinton. If only Joe Quesada or Marv Wolfman with George Perez could handle the time travel continuum issues necessary for this.

I mean, they brought back Norman Osborn, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. All I want is pizza, thongs, interns and a Fat Elvis president that was an undisciplined genius instead of the mortifying mediocrities that are dragging us into the toilet bowl of history.

I will gladly vote for Obama, if only for his elbows out "Annie Oakley" crack at Hillary. My hope is that his unflappable style and toughness will triumph.

I would support any Dem. But this Vanity Fair article made me really wish I could just vote for Bill again & get it over with.

He was never, ever, on time. In Joe Klein’s roman à clef about the Clintons, Primary Colors, the Betsey Wright character accuses the Bill Clinton character of always skating by on charm and talent and need. “You have never paid the bill,” she tells him. “Never. And no one ever calls you on it. Because you’re so completely fucking special. Everyone was always so proud of you. And me, too. Me the worst.”