Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rocket to Russia $1.99, Today Only

This is the brave new world. I gotta link to this although the chance that the select few that even visit this site don't already have complete collections of The Ramones ALREADY is quite slim. Perhaps it's my own inability to adjust to the world of digital plenty that lays the ground for difficult to manage infohaulic behavior (my own and others). Irrational info hoarding is really a symptom of an inability to adjust to the "drinking just a sip of water from a firehose".

It may be preferable to treat interesting info less as something to be collected and ordered and more like manna in the desert. In shucking off the slave mentality*, the outmoded ways and embracing freedom in the hard knocks school of the desert it may be better to just experience the stream of music, pics, words than to try to recreate western culture in microcosm in our own heads. AH, so pace the Atlantic article, I am perhaps coming around to the point of view that in order to survive this wave of info, this surfable tower of babel that a means of managing it all is to at least partially embrace its superficial aspects.

As Merlin Mann said "organizing your email is like alphabetizing your recycling."

Anyway, Hey Ho, Let's Go, here's your link to Rocket to Russia for $1.99 from Amazon.
Today only. Info on this promo here.

(*or trying to & failing for a whole generation, which does not bode well for 46 year old ME, but let's just take this stuff metaphorically and instead interpret this to necessitate the death of a self)