Thursday, January 08, 2009

Macworld Comes Late, Courtesy of Palm This Year

Left Hemisphere Phone (2003):
Right Hemisphere Phone (2009):

The Palm pre just got previewed at CES. Looks good. It's much more likely that this will succeed my faithful i500 than any other phone I have seen. It Cuts! It Pastes! It's relatively small!

I don't want to get all hung up on losing the lowfi traditional Palm OS, but the basic basic basics are important. I honestly can't imagine that they would fuck up on the core PDA utilities, whatever form they take.

For all media & email this looks like a great phone. The one holdover I would prefer from the traditional Palm OS would be local contact/calendar/memo/todo sync in some form or another.

Perhaps locating all my info in "the cloud" and then sync'ing local devices is the way to go, but there's still stuff I don't want to post to Google or whoever.

Great to see Palm come out fighting!

Dan (Fake Steve) Lyons wrote a good article on this for Newsweek, though it reads as if it were translated from FSJ-ese into english. I miss the outrageous, trippy, snark that would have accompanied this, alas.