Friday, January 16, 2009

"So, What's Hindering YOU?"

Book review quote:

King of the Road is a quintessentially Israeli book, as Ladany splices races with professional achievements and fighting Israel's wars. An industrial engineer, he speaks nine languages, has written 13 books and holds eight US patents. He also served as an officer in the IDF. One typical account: On October 5-6, 1973, Ladany set the world record for the 100-mile walk in Columbus, Missouri. After battling extreme heat followed by rain, leg pains, bloody blisters and sucking mud, he took the last lap at a sprint, setting a new world record of 19:38. Hardly pausing to shower, he hopped two planes back to Israel, and within hours found himself in the Jordan Valley, serving with the IDF in the Yom Kippur War.

Now, simply checking email takes up most of the time formerly devoted to such activities. Seriously, it is important to keep the heroic efforts of others in mind. Why didn't I go for a run yesterday? It was cold out?