Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things to blog/Reasons To Be Cheerful

(from Dashboard, will reformat/edit later to make links live, but just a scratchpad of STUFF at the moment).

El Ten Eleven is the kind of low key I like.

New Foreman/Zorn collaboration: LOUD.

Bonnard at the MET: what's more punk rock than painting your wife as if she were part of the furniture & giving all the love to the still life objects and the table they rest on?

Becoming Dutch: installation art mediation on Israel, the Middle East, by turns horrific and darkly, farcically funny

Cannoli from Termini Bros in Philly by mail order. YES.

20 years since Paul's Boutique.'s_Boutique
Between copyfight & lawyers, sample, cut, paste remix has added value to our lives and copy clearance has added zilch. What great art has been created by Lars Ulrich, or lawyers ever, anyway?

How much of the future did Susan Kare wind up creating?

When someone asks me about where I'm from and then they start talking to me about "sports" I realize that my personal style is, contrary to popular belief, not OBVIOUS ENOUGH.

Boston has Revere Beach and gave the world The Volcano Suns. What have YOU done lately?!

MP3 link to White Elephant by Volcano Suns: