Friday, February 06, 2009

Something Is Stirring in The Muck

Uhh, just sick here in the Solo cell. Downing probiotic yogurt and organic blueberries in the vain hope that I will regenerate more quickly. (See Swamp Thing #21 pdf here.)

In the meantime, saw the Mission of Burma documentary, This Is Not A Photograph, Superman IV, The Quest For Peace, His Girl Friday and the episodes of the new Batman cartoon, The Brave and The Bold (which is as perfect as I had hoped it would be--both the Silver Age and new Blue Beetle are great and the Ditko DNA blends in marvelously).

Yes, feeding on a diet of comics and indie rock along with acidophilous is pretty reminiscent of the Cramps' liner notes on their first album:

In the spring of 1976, The CRAMPS began to fester in a NYC apartment. Without fresh air or natural light, the group developed its uniquely mutant strain of rock’n’roll aided only by the sickly blue rays of late night TV. While the jackhammer rhythms of punk were proliferating in NYC, The CRAMPS dove into the deepest recesses of the rock’n’roll psyche for the most primal of all rhythmic impulses — rockabilly — the sound of southern culture falling apart in a blaze of shudders and hiccups. As late night sci-fi reruns colored the room, The CRAMPS also picked and chose amongst the psychotic debris of previous rock eras - instrumental rock, surf, psychedelia, and sixties punk. And then they added the junkiest element of all — themselves.

— J. H. Sasfy, Professor of Rockology
from the liner notes of The Cramps 1979 release Gravest Hits